Ain’t Comin’ Back (This Year) is by Fred Bailey,
but with full credits and accolades to these few,
these proud, these band of druthers (and many more):

Bob Bellamy, mandolin, Recording & Mixing Engineer. The world’s most laid-back soundman operates the pastoral Windridge Studios on his farm near Bucyrus, Ohio — a very pleasant place to visit and work.

Steve Cassell, cover photo and Snapper of Arctic Winds

Nancy Cline-Bailey, piano, Producer, Wife and Intervention-Team Leader of most infinite tolerance and art, without whom it probably would never have happened. All the good parts were hers.

Charlotte Custis, soprano vocals and Studio Jester.

Beth Hicks, flute, borrowed from the Celtic group, KnotFibb’n.

Mary Lautzenheiser, Graphic Artist of extraordinary talent and charm.

Khrysso Heart LeFey, baritone vocals. Friend of years and spark plug ne plus ultra among the local folkies.

Christine Fraser Ramsey, harp and early encouragement. She plays her harps all around — check out:

Pam Raver, alto & soprano vocals. Why should we all support our local Folk Music organizations? Because of the hidden treasures to be found there. Both in song and in person.

Jerry Rockwell, mountain dulcimers. A burgeoning national treasure as well as personal friend and adviser, “Uncle Jerry” is widely known in the Dulcimer Universe. You can visit his website at:

John Schomburg, banjo & marimbala. As the impressario and patriarch of the Pit Bull String Band, John wears the biggest cowboy hat in Columbus, Ohio.

Kevin Vereecke, portrait photograph on the tray-card.