FRED BAILEY : Singer/Songwriter

…40 years a folksinger, 400 years of stories…
distilled into 14 songs on one CD you’ve not heard — yet
AIN’T COMIN’ BACK (this year)
© BEE, 2002
The latest Web-Site update was September 1st.
1. So far, we’ve tracked airplay from stations in:

Alaska (KTOO in Juneau and KEUL in Girdwood), California (KZSC in Santa Cruz), Colorado (KAFM in Grand Junction), Connecticut (WHUS in Storrs), Florida (WLRN in Miami), Georgia (WRFG in Atlanta and WUWG in Carrollton), Illinois (WIUM in Macomb and WDCB in Chicago), Iowa (KNUI in Cedar Falls), Kansas (KANZ in Garden City), Louisiana (WRKF in Baton Rouge), Maryland (WKHS in Worton), Massachusetts (WFCR in Amherst), Montana (KGLT in Bozeman), New York (WSLU in Canton, WJFF in Libertyville, WAMC in Albany & WFUV in the Bronx), Ohio (WAPS in Akron, WBGU in Bowling Green and a rumor of Columbus), Ontario (CKLN in Toronto), Oregon (KPSU in Portland), Pennsylvania (WESS in E. Stroudsburg and WPSU in University Park), Texas (KTEP in El Paso), Utah (KRCL in Salt Lake City and Utah Public Radio out of Logan) and Virginia (WETA in Arlington).

Now to just fill in the rest of the blanks. Call your favorite folkie station and ask ’em to play it — if they dis-avow any knowledge, let me know by E-mail (see Link below). It hasn’t been easy to locate the appropriate stations, but we’ve finally declared the Great Freebie CDs for Folk DJs Mailing Campaign to be essentially complete at over 500 copies. The country is well saturated!

2. In trying to guage the relative popularity of the songs, I’ve found:

7 plays each for the leading “Ain’t Comin’ Back” and “Delaware County Line”.
6 plays each for “Cherokee Kid” and “Welcome Home” (3 around Veterans Day, 2 for the Iraq attack)
5 plays for “Sing Me the Sky”.
“Windmills” sits at 4 plays
“Flutter-bys”, “Fargo Stable Fire”, “Protection” and “Clayton Comes to Town” are at 3 plays
and then 2 plays each for “Another Unknown Soldier”,”Dunes of Lisdoonvarna”, and “The Widow McDaid.”

There are other plays that are pretty certain, but I still can’t identify. Just like rocket science, googling playlists leaves plenty of room to learn something. Oh yes, WFCR in Amherst, MA takes the coveted Latex Palm Award for inflicting the first beyond-all-doubt airing of “Not Without A Condom” on the public airwaves!

3. The most excitment so far was listening to the web-stream for at year’s end to hear Bob Sherman’s choice for his “Best Releases of 2002” program. He’s the master of “Woody’s Children” every week on WFUV — the Fordham University PBS station that is one of the leading folk stations in the country, and good for a listen anytime.

4. Check out WWW.CDBABY.COM for a few MP3 samples, plus a really incredible review of the project — and lots of other independent musicians, too. (If you prefer the direct approach, that would be

5.Or if you should feel that their support of independent musicians is too bold a political step, then try the old standby: WWW.AMAZON.COM and you can search me out there, too. Still hoping for secured credit-card sales on this web-site. In the meantime, if you’re the impatient sort, just E-mail me below and I’ll reply to your message with where you can send a check. Capitalism rules!

6. Those so inclined can earn my eternal gratitude (and forgiveness of all past sins) by going to either of the above sites and giving the CD a “plug” or “review” or “vote” of whatever nature you like — both sites claim to be easily accessed for such purposes, and no, you won’t have to buy another copy! But if you missed being the first to brag on this effort, here’s the best shot you’ll ever get at being the last!

7. A fan has suggested an additional (and rotating) page on this website for complete explanations and/or analysis and/or stories behind each song. Hmmmm. What do you think? Or any other suggestions? Guest register? My secret dry-apple wine recipe?

8.You can still go to the menu below and download your free, complete and playable mp3.file of the soon-to-be-hit single “Not Without A Condom”. If your equipment is as slow as ours it won’t take more than about 5 minutes, and then you’ll be “protected” forever. We’re still awaiting the first E-mail from a morally outraged listener — it could be you!